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South Dakota Trust Protector and Advisor Roles

A trust protector is a distinct entity, individual, or group that holds the authority to oversee and monitor the actions of the trustee. This role is separate from that of the trustee, who traditionally manages the trust's day-to-day operations. The trust protector's primary responsibility is to ensure that the trust's administration aligns with the settlor's intent and the beneficiaries' best interests, even as circumstances change over time.

The powers granted to a trust protector can vary widely based on the trust instrument and the specific language outlined in the trust document. These powers may include:

• Amending Trust Provisions: Trust protectors can modify certain trust provisions to adapt to changing laws, circumstances, or family dynamics, ensuring the trust remains relevant and effective.

• Removing or Appointing Trustees: In situations where the trustee's performance is unsatisfactory or conflicts of interest arise, a trust protector can have the authority to remove or appoint new trustees.

• Consenting to Distributions: Depending on the trust's terms, a trust protector might provide input or approval for distributions to beneficiaries based on their evaluation of the beneficiaries' needs and the trust's purpose.

• Resolving Disputes: Trust protectors can act as mediators or decision-makers in the event of disputes among beneficiaries, trustees, or other parties related to the trust.

Trust Advisor Role:

A trust advisor is a role designed to offer expert advice and guidance to the trustee, without holding decision-making authority. This allows for the utilization of specialized knowledge and skills while maintaining the separation between advisory and decision-making functions. Trust advisors can include financial experts, legal professionals, investment advisors, and other specialists who contribute their insights to enhance trust management.

The trust advisor role is particularly valuable when specific expertise is required to address complex financial matters, investment strategies, legal compliance, or other technical considerations that may impact the trust's performance and objectives. While the trust advisor's recommendations are influential, they do not have the direct power to make decisions on behalf of the trust.

Benefits of Trust Protector and Advisor Roles:

The incorporation of trust protector and advisor roles into trust structures provides several benefits:

• Customization: These roles allow trusts to be tailored to the unique circumstances and needs of settlors and beneficiaries.
• Flexibility: As family dynamics, financial conditions, and legal landscapes change, trust protectors can adapt the trust's provisions to ensure alignment with evolving objectives.
• Expertise: Trust advisors bring specialized knowledge to guide trustees in making well-informed decisions that optimize the trust's performance.
• Conflict Resolution: Trust protectors can step in to mediate disputes and make decisions that preserve family harmony and the trust's purpose.
• Settlor's Intent: Trust protectors ensure that the settlor's original intent is upheld, even if the settlor is no longer able to provide guidance.

In the evolving landscape of estate planning, the role of a trust protector has become increasingly significant. They serve as a guardian of trust intentions, ensuring that unforeseen circumstances or shifts in the legal environment don't compromise the original purpose of the trust. By integrating a trust protector into your estate plan, you add an extra layer of security and adaptability, ensuring that your assets and beneficiaries remain protected for generations to come. As you consider the future of your legacy, the incorporation of a trust protector is a wise step towards safeguarding your intentions and the well-being of those you care for most. Our experienced South Dakota trust & estate litigation attorneys at Denevan Falon Joyce can help you with your case.

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Case Evaluation: We thoroughly assess the facts and circumstances of each case to determine its strengths, weaknesses, and potential legal claims.

Legal Strategy Development: Based on the case evaluation, we develop a tailored legal strategy aligned with our clients' objectives. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and priorities, and then outline the most effective course of action.

Documentation Preparation: Trust & estate litigation is document intensive. We work with our clients to prepare the necessary legal documents, such as complaints, petitions, answers, objections, motions, and discovery requests to properly prosecute or defend a case.
Discovery Process Management: We guide our clients through the discovery process, which involves exchanging information and evidence with the opposing party through written interrogatories, request for production of documents, depositions and subpoenas to third parties. We ensure that all evidence obtained in discovery is organized and maintained throughout the proceedings. We reassess the case with our clients as discovery progresses and additional facts come to light.

Settlement Negotiations: At all stages of the legal proceeding, we encourage our clients to consider and engage in settlement negotiations to explore potential resolutions outside of court.

Motion Practice and Trial We diligently prepare for each time that we appear in Court on behalf of a clients. We conduct thorough research, assemble evidence, and craft persuasive legal arguments that advance our client's interests.
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